Washington Weed Tours

Marijuana is legal in Washington State! While marijuana has been around forever, legalization is rather new. One of the goals of legalization is normalization. So why not get stoned and go for a road trip with a local who knows where she’s going!   This is a unique opportunity to hire a local and enjoy the journey.

Weed was the genesis for Check Out Cascadia. When weed was legalized, it inspired a mind-shift. Pot is normal now. What would be more fun than to go on a road trip while stoned? (But safely!) Scenery is so much more beautiful when road tripping stoned. Cruising in the car with your friends becomes an enjoyably silly experience with THC in the mix. (And not the responsibility of driving!) So join me to check out while touring Cascadia with Check Out Cascadia.

It used to be that you’d go to the “guy” and you would get whatever it was he was selling. Times have changed. The number of strains available is vast. You can now be very specific about the affects you are seeking, from focused to frolic and from mellow to sociable. You can find all the details at the world’s cannabis information resource Leafly.  The modes of consuming has also blossomed. Smoking is not the only way to the high road! Dispensaries sell a wide variety of edibles, cooking products, concentrates, and topical applications, to name a few. With all this variety, people can get very nerdy about the growth and processing of the herb, we all enjoy.

For a tour of the pot production pipeline, I would recommend Kush Tours in Seattle.

For those of you who want to recreate on a road trip, join us to Check Out Cascadia!

I want to show folks the surrounding local places, outside of Seattle, that are often missed by visitors; non-touristy finds. The great thing with a sober driver, you can imbibe in all you’d like, and you don’t have to worry about the directions. You sit back relax and enjoy the journey. Washington has 3 national parks a day trip out of Seattle. All tours featured on my website are cannabis friendly and can be customized. Check out the Skagit Valley, Port Townsend/Olympic peninsula and Urban Parks pages for more info on the sights included in those tours. Or plan your own tour on my Custom Tour option.

Similar to the farm to table trend, all marijuana sold in the state is also grown in state. Check out the wonders of the Cascadia region and visit the local shops.

Washington also boasts some craft distilleries; breweries & wineries we can also check out on your tour. Of course, coffee is a given in these parts, so we can always make pit stops at awesome local coffee shops.

Of course no one has to partake, it’s all your own free will. These journeys are for all folks over 21. And weed shops are all still cash only and held to the rules of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Note: To comply with regulations and ensure my tours are legal:

  • It is illegal to consume marijuana in the vehicle.
  • The driver will not consume any intoxicating products.
  • I can take you to the shop to make the purchase. I cannot supply any marijuana products to anyone.
  • Marijuana products will be stored in the trunk of the vehicle while in motion.

Why Check Out Cascadia?

  • Private, custom-flexible tours
  • Cannabis friendly
  • Tailor made itineraries
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Featuring local craft and or sustainable businesses
  • Abiding commitment to quality and a good time!
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