About Your Guide: Sarah Seltzer

Sarah Seltzer at Grand Canyon
Sarah Seltzer March 2015

Your local for hire

I’m casual, a bit irreverent mid-century modern woman.  I love this state and want to share its wondrous places and abundance, from funky to majestic.  Conveniently, I also love to drive and take road trips, photographing as I go.  I’m 3rd generation Washingtonian, my family has called this place home since before it was a state.

In my travels, to known and unknown locales, those most memorable, were when I had a local to show me around – one on one, custom, flexible road tripping.  Stop where you want, when you want, seeing things that would have been easily missed had I been on my own. Having a local guide affords you and your travelers the luxury to relax, look around and imbibe, if you wish.  I came up with Check Out Cascadia business idea when Washington state legalized marijuana for recreational use. Combining this progressive move, my love of the state and road tripping, I figure there are others out there who enjoy the same. As your driver, I will not be imbibing on these adventures, safety is the first priority. So come and Check Out Cascadia.

More about me, I’ve done the corporate thing, (over a decade at Microsoft) and a seven-year stint in management at Planned Parenthood. My recent “gig economy” jobs have varied everything from several months as an Uber driver, a short stint as a budtender at a local retail marijuana shop.  To working a couple of summers in Pt. Ludlow refurbishing a historic 1890 wooden tug boat (see picture below) prepping it for sale. If you want to know more about my history, check out my Linked In profile.

I’m now doing what I love, sharing this amazing place I get to call home and driving you to a place that makes you happy. I truly believe that getting out in nature is great for the mind and so much more!  As a casual, fun and adventurous person, I make a great local to be you tour guide!

1890 Elmore
Elmore 1890


Why Check Out Cascadia?

  • private, custom-flexible tours
  • cannabis friendly
  • tailor made itineraries
  • knowledgeable staff
  • features local craft and or sustainable businesses
  • abiding commitment to quality
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